Sunday, 14 November 2010


So I'm having internet issues hence no posting for the last week :(

However I found some pretties for us to look at...
1. Beautiful paper pomander, 2. awesome macrame owl over at Violet Bella, 3. metallic paper garlands from Martha Stewart 4. paper ceiling decorations & 5. this amazingly quirky bookshelf spotted here.

I've had a pretty fun week. Went to see the fireworks last Saturday (Bonfire night) with Tom, his daughter & some friends. Monday Tom took me to a comedy night which I really enjoyed (Rob Deering headlined). On Thursday we went to a 1920's Prohibition evening which was fantastic! Everybody dressed up, it was just so much fun...

I'm second left in the first photograph & thats me & Tom in the second.

Now I'm in Kettering visiting my dad for the weekend...

Admittedly this is an old photo! What have you guys been upto?? xox

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