Friday, 29 October 2010



Today I have promised myself to take the time to be more grateful. I have had quite a bit of discontent in my life this year, mainly centred around two things, my relationship & my job. The relationship I was in is now behind me & I'm lucky to be with an amazing, talented, gorgeous, funny guy, my Drummer Boy.

My job I have really been wrestling with. I no longer enjoy it but as it takes up so much of my time I kind of need to... & I used to. So I'm going to take tiny steps on a path that will hopefully lead me in the right direction, starting with being grateful.

I have a job.
I have a set salary.
I get fed every day!
I work with some fantastic people.
I have a mountain of food knowledge at my finger tips.
It's where I met DB :)

I'm healthy, I have a home, I have a salary, I have great friends, my family & a loving relationship.

I'm grateful xox

(All pics from weheartit)

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